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State Grants, Loans & Grants For Business, Education, Technology, Personal Use and More!

Incredible amounts of money and help are available from state governments. Where there is money, there also is the opportunity for entrepreneurs to succeed, and the states have billions of dollars in funds right now.

Fortunately, for anyone in business, all state politicians recognize that re-elections are directly tied to the economic growth within their respective states because economic growth creates jobs and taxes.

Government Grants - State Grants - Government Loans

They also realize that over 70 percent of all new jobs created in America are offered by small business, and not big industry, as many people tend to think.

Economic development is a high priority in America today because without new businesses, jobs will not be created, and without new jobs, no tax-base growth can be achieved.  As a result, the states are providing millions of dollars in grant money for business development services and expert assistance to any individual who would like to improve or expand a business.

Amazingly, most people have never even heard of the millions of dollars that are available from the states.  Although money is waiting for the asking through economic development programs, getting that message to the public has not been very easy.

The main application criteria is that you must reside within the state which awards the money.  But remember, many states offer different programs, so if you are willing to relocate to start a successful business, it may be in your best interest to consider moving to another state.

There are many types of grant money programs offered in each of the states, and new programs are being offered every year.  If there currently is not a program that meets your needs, let agency officials and your state legislators know.  If a particular need becomes evident, they may create a program for it. Remember, politicians want you to succeed because it is their best insurance at election time.



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