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Government Grants, Loans & Grants For Business, Education, Personal Use and More!

Awarding Bodies for Federal Government Grants, Business Grants, Government Loans and Funding Assistance Programs

Virtually any publicly funded organization is potentially a provider of funding to enterprise and assistance.  However, by their nature, some are more directly involved than others.

Federal Funding Awarding Bodies are large tax payer funded organizations, which provide assistance to businesses, individuals and funnel money in state grants and Local Programs.

State Funding Awarding Bodies are tax payer funded primarily from your State and Local Sales Tax and assisted from large Federal Organizations and Private Business Interests.

Local Funding Awarding Bodies can be tax payer funded and/or business funded.  Billions of dollars yearly are accessed from non-profit organizations and donation driven organizations.

Corporate Awards are funds designated by publicly held companies usually based on a 5% revenue share, which is allocated to the companies local and national interest.

Private Foundation Awards are funds allocated to a foundations specific interest, there funding comes from companies and large estate driven contributions.

Thousands Of Money Programs Where You Can Find Opportunities Like:

  • Business Grants
  • Personal Grants
  • Healthcare Grants
  • Educational Grants
  • Start Up Grants
  • College Tuition Assistance
  • Open a Coffee Shop
  • Go to School in Hawaii
  • Become a French Chef
  • Funding to Open a Country Inn
  • Study Arts Management
  • Grants for College
  • Federal Direct Loans
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Free Tutoring
  • Tuition If You’re Over 55
  • Business Assistance
  • Minority Assistance
  • Renovate Your House
  • Cover College Expenses
  • Start a Day Care Center
  • Train a School Dropout
  • Edit Science Magazines
  • Train Your Employees

Discover How You Can Fit Your Project Into a Particular Agencies Funding Criteria.



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